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LLB Dual Degree English and German Law

Four years of study - two academic degrees

The University of Cologne and University College London offer a four-year English-German course of study for first-year law students. The course can only be taken up in the winter semester, and successful participants acquire two academic Bachelor degrees, namely the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from University College London  and the
Bachelor of Laws from the University of Cologne.
The participants, five students each from the University of Cologne and University College London, study the first two years at the renowned University College London and then transfer to the Faculty of Law at the University of Cologne. There, the second half of the course is completed in four semesters.
Continuation of studies:
Subsequently, the law studies can be continued in Cologne and after about 3 - 4 further semesters the German First State Examination can be taken. The prerequisite for this is admission and enrolment for the law course (see also "Enrollment") details of the course of study and the performance to be achieved are set out in the examination regulations (see Downloads)